Monday, July 22, 2013

Download and Install Hand Waving Air Gesture Feature on Old Android Devices

air call accept
Samsung Galaxy S4 have many features which are completely new. Recently launched an awesome feature named Air Gesture on their Galaxy S4 device which allows to pick up calls whenever wave the hand over the phone. You may have an old Android device maybe S3 or so having proximity sensor and want to enjoy this latest Air Gesture feature, yes, this post is for you. You can get this feature by simply installing an application called "Air Call-Accept".

How to Download and Install
Download Air Call-Accept Software from this link or from the download button given below.  Now install this app in your device. Turn on the feature of this app and proximity sensor. Now this app would help you to accept the calls by just waving your hands over the phone or just taking the phone near your ear. See and check the video link.

download now

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